Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good morning!

Yesterday's water fast was going great until I got home from school at 7 (I'm in Drama Club after school) and stepped on the scale. It read a whopping 180! My jaw dropped. I couldnt believe it, I gained 3 pounds??? I walked around the whole day guzzling on water like I was in a damn desert. I broke the fast and had a Caesar salad and two Brownies.
After my shower I stepped on the scale and was amazed once again to see the scale read 177.2 I thought the scale was broken until I realized my dumbass had on a bunch of clothes and my shoes and socks when I first weighed myself, so I basically broke the fast for Nothing -__-
I went to bed around nine, and when I woke up I weighed myself again. So here are the stats:

                     CW: 176.4
               1st GW: 150
              2nd GW: 140
                   UGW: 135

I have a full bottle of water and a 110 calorie bag of corn flakes lol that's like the only healthy snack in my house. Before I end this post, I just wanna share the main reasons Why I want to lose weight.
1. PROM—Who wants to look like a fat cow on one the most important nights of their life??
2. CONFIDENCE—I want to turn heads, I want to wake up in the morning and know that I'm gorgeous and that No matter what I'll never forget it!
3. MY EX—When we broke up he called me a fat bitch over and over again. I can't wait to lose weight and Watch him eat his decrepit heart out..hehe
3. CLOTHES—You notice how all the cute shit is for the skinny girls?? Yeah. I want to wear skin tight dresses and short shorts and most of all, CROP TOPS!
4. NAKED—I'm not a promiscuous girl, but I'm No virgin either. I want to be able to bear all and not be shy about it. Worrying about a fat roll really takes the fun out of sex!
5. HEALTH—When you get a chance find out what the healthy weight is for someone your height. I find out I should be at the Max 150 pounds. I'm 5'4. I don't want to be the maximum, I'm striving for less.

There are more reasons but those are the top 5.
Stay beautiful <3

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