Monday, November 26, 2012

Off to a rough start cont.

I thought I could handle the pressure, but I cracked. I walked into the kitchen and ran smack dab into a plate of Brownies. I had one, and a gummy, one starburst, and a fun size pack of skittles.
Oh but that's not the worst part.
At the doctors office my baby sisters were complaining that they were hungry, so my mom left and brought back CHECKERS! Ugh! She got me my favorite—the chicken bites box!

I only ate half of it, feeling like a slob. And she offered a bite of her Bacon Burger. I took like..four.
When I got home, the Brownies assaulted me again. I'm so ashamed. I ate like a total fatass Today. If I step on the scale and find myself anywhere in the 180's I'll cry.

I decided to keep my water bottle full at all times, so I can do my first water fast tomorrow. I pray it wont be too hard, I'll keep telling myself that it's just one day. It's just food for pickles sake! Not air! I hope it goes well!

<3 Goodnight lovez

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