Monday, November 26, 2012

Off to a rough start

So Sunday I was supposed to only eat 500 calories but that didn't go so well. My mom wanted me to cook this extravagant breakfast with homemade pancakes, Bacon, scrambled eggs, and sausages. Let's just round that off to one or two BAGILLION calories. Yeah.

And THEN I ate leftovers from Thanksgiving. And THEN I made the most delicious moist mouthwatering Brownies. I looooove to bake and cook, but mostly bake lol.

                CW: 179.8

Not as bad as I thought. Right now I'm just relieved that I'm finally in the 70's. Now if we could just zoom to the 60's that would be great!

I woke up this morning with a belly ache (I have chronic digestive issues) and determination to not go over 500. My mom wanted Dunkin' Donuts. Sigh. So here it is:

Small French vanilla coffee w/Milk and sugar: 140
Chocolate glazed donut: 370

I had No idea a donut had so many calories!

My family nickname is Piggy, I've been called that since I was a wee babe, still is till this day. So I call that voice inside my head that makes me wanna eat more Piggy. She's such a bossy bitch.
Anyway, I'm thinking about dancing again, I took a break for medical issues I don't wish to disclose, but it's a good way to burn calories!


I will try my hardest to not eat for the rest of the day. Just water. I hate tea lol I really do, but Maybe I'll choke it down. If it gets too bad, I'll have an orange or some celery.

Let's do this >_<

<3 see ya!

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