Saturday, November 24, 2012

Starting life anew..

Hola peoples :) I was supposed to start this blog a while ago but alot has been happening, so here it goes!

First things first this blog is to motivate me and Hopefully motivate others. I know I posted that I was 183 but I weighed myself this morning and (finally) I'm 178.7 lbs. Then again it was in the morning...but I haven't seen it in the 70's in a year! I really hate my body :( but I'm going to change it! I'll try every diet to get where I want to be!

                 CW: 179
          1st  GW: 150
          2nd GW: 140
              UGW:  135

On most ProAna /Thinspo blogs the girls are going for 115lbs or less, but I'm 179 and look 150 (I think it's my breasts that hold most of the weight lol—I'm a DD!) So I'm going to see how I look at 135lbs and if it's not good enough I'll just keep going.

Tomorrow I'm gonna start things off nice and easy with 500cals a day for a week, and try some other diets a long the way. We can't afford exercise equipment, my mom thinks gym memberships take your money, and there aren't and free ones around here so all I have is my body and some sneakers :)

I'll post thinspo pics of course but I do not own any of them and if you don't want your picture up kindly tell me and I'll take them down ASAP :)

Enough talk, thinspo time!

I love all types, Celebrity, model, black, white, real girl, emo/scene, and before/afters!

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