Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 2—800 Calories

I woke up this morning and the scale said 171lbs
What....the hell.?
Yesterday when I was cleaning my room I dropped it. So maybe it's broken :( NOOOOOOO!!
We have another one in the bathroom and it says I'm 176.2lbs, so I'm goin with that.

Today I plan on not eating whatsoever until I get home. I wanna save those calories for my moms cooking, which is too good!

Let's see how the day goes!

I came home and weighed 174.6 so idk what's goin on!

Here's my intake:
Peanut MnMs--250
Tiny nibble of chicken--20
Ginger ale--90
Crab legs--400
Philly CheeseSteak--500

SW: 185lbs
CW: 176
GW1: 170lbs
GW2: 160lbs
GW3: 150lbs
GW4: 140lbs
GW5: 130lbs

Now, the only things I'm COMPLETELY sure about are the MnMs, coffee and the ginger ale. Other than those definite 450 calories I'm just guessing exaggeratedly. But I honestly think I went at least to 1000 Cals, which sucks so bad. Like, why can't my fat ass just not eat?? Why can't I say no??
You know what tomorrow I am not having it I'm gonna be UNDER my calorie goal no matter what it takes!! And that's a promise!!

Ugh, okay I'm done ranting. Thinspo? I think yes!

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