Saturday, December 29, 2012

Real Black Girl Thinspo

Sometimes seeing real girls can help to motivate me more than models. And as you can see from my blog title, Not All Black Girls Wanna Be Thick, so there are some thin ones out there trust me!

Seeing real girls somewhat similar to you is helpful, but there is not one Ana/Mia/ED that doesn't have that one girl they see on a regular basis that they look up to.
You know the girl I'm talking about.
The girl that has the body you dream you had, that makes you want to work out and diet and eat laxatives till you puke. You almost want to be her, she is your Ultimate Thinspo.

Well, there's a girl like that for me, let's call her T. Shes gorgeous and fashionable and super popular. Everyone in my city knows her name. She has a great car, great hair/skin/nails, and shes a model, but the thing I admire the most is her body type, which I wish I could have :( she's so lucky, the guys at my school literally swoon over her. I never go so far as to wish I was her, but I Damn sure wish I had her flat stomach and smooth back. I've been cursed with disgusting back fat, and it's not like my stomach is sooo big, it's really the back rolls that make me look so fucking nasty, like I could reach behind me a pinch the rolls, I've counted and there's five. I'll post a pick later so you see I'm not exaggerating.

There's another girl too her name is Jasmine, she would be my Ultimate Thinspo because her body is 10x better, but I've never seen her in person only pics so I've never had the full "Wow" affect. I'll post pics of her later.

Anyway, here's some pics of T.

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  1. Hi!!!! I was wondering if you could in more detail explain to me how youre gonna get thinner id love to kno. Reading your blog makes me feel great cause im meeting someone who feels the same as me. Maybe we could emai lor something