Monday, January 21, 2013

New Diet Plans & Black Thinspo

My life has been so shitty. I can't believe that people I love are turning against me. Not only that, but now I'm single.
Throughout this whole mess I have not paid any attention to my weight. Some days I would binge, others I would be too depressed to eat. But amazingly I've managed to stay at 179.4 Fatass.
The only reason I've decided to get my ass up and do something about it is because I realized that many of the guys I have crushes on tend to keep skinny girlfriends and dates. So, maybe the reason why they never wanted to go out but still flirted with me was because my personality was great enough to flirt with but not enough to ask out. But I'm not changing myself to get guys it's just the principle of the fact that my weight is hindering me in that area. Also, it would help if I were a little more confident. In the wake of a skinny girl, I find myself embarrassed to be around her.
I want this so bad but the universe is throwing me some tough obstacles. I don't want this body. I don't particularly hate it, but I would trade it for a smaller one in a millisecond. I decided that instead of trying to fast all day I should fast for a certain amount of hours and gradually move down. So now I only eat (healthily) from 7am to 2pm, after which I fast until 7am eat until 2 ect,. And ABSOLUTLY NO junk food or soda. Just water, tea, and black coffee (blek)!!
And to throw in a little extra, I will be doing all of this while attempting the infamous ABC Diet, a softer version though. If it works out I will do the original ABC Diet.
Okay here's the softie version of ABC diet:
Day 1: 800 calories (or less)
Day 2: 800 calories (or less)
Day 3: 600 calories
Day 4: 700 calories
Day 5: 400 calories
Day 6: 500 calories
Day 7: 600 calories
Day 8: 700 calories
Day 9: 800 calories
Day 10: 300 calories
Day 11: 450 calories
Day 12: 500 calories
Day 13: 700 calories
Day 14: 650 calories
Day 15: 550 calories
Day 16: 500 calories
Day 17: 300 calories
Day 18: 500 calories
Day 19: 400 calories
Day 20: 300 calories
Day 21: 600 calories
Day 22: 550 calories
Day 23: 500 calories
Day 24: 450 calories
Day 25: 400 calories
Day 26: 350 calories
Day 27: 400 calories
Day 28: 500 calories
Day 29: 500 calories
Day 30: 600 calories
Day 31: 1100 calories
Day 32: 300 calories
Day 33: 550 calories
Day 34: 650 calories
Day 35: 750 calories
Day 36: 300 calories
Day 37: 800 calories
Day 38: 750 calories
Day 39: 700 calories
Day 40: 650 calories
Day 41: 600 calories
Day 42: 550 calories
Day 43: 500 calories
Day 44: 500 calories
Day 45: 550 calories
Day 46: 500 calories
Day 47: 600 calories
Day 48: 500 calories
Day 49: 450 calories
Day 50: 300 calories
Okay, enough with the heavy shit, here's some real black girl thinspiration for ya ;)


  1. woww!! Good luck to you~ I feel the EXACT same way~ I really am into acting and singing but, the only reason I cant get into that stuff is beacause im a fat ass. at the exact same weight as you. I wish you luck girl !! you should try work out apps and drink water and tea like kray kray~ wish you the best of luck and hang in there~
    ** MY advice is to keep a thinspro mission statement along with guilt questions for yourself to really think about what your going to do. AGAIN, GOOD LUCK !! <3

    1. My first comment, thank you so much!